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Aloha! My name is Jubei, but my friends call me "Bei" (pronounced like "Bay"). Born in Hawaii, I grew up in the 80's and developed a huge affinity for pop-culture, music, and film visual effects from that time period.


This shows in the spirit of my work as I am always trying to have fun, but push the boundaries of visual effects paired with my surreal style of composite photography. I enjoy having a unique perspective merging my imagination with my skills in digital imaging.  


I also might be slightly obsessed with ninjas.



I graduated High School in 1996, taking with me national and state awards for editorial illustration. I had dedicated myself to music (Band Nerd) and being creative (drawing on my book covers).


Before Photoshop was a the industry standard, I was doing digital art on Black & White Macintosh computers via MacPaint, and designing print work via PageMaker, the precursor to Adobe InDesign.  

My 10 year career in the Air Force taught me several things, but Photography and Design became my main functions. I loved it! 

Making Texas my home in 2006, I attended the Art Institute of Dallas, pursuing a degree in Interactive Media and Video Production.

Always seeking new techniques in digital art, I continue to teach myself new software and methods. This means keeping up with latest design trends, education on updates, and attending design conferences such as Adobe MAX. 

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As a hydraulics system journeyman in the Air Force, I spent a lot of time overseas in counties as; Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Guam, Greece, Holland, and Iceland.

I have experience with aerospace engineering, hydraulics, avionics, and aircraft fuel systems.

Although I originally entered the military as an aircraft maintainer, my talents quickly shifted my to a career to journalism, photography, and illustration.

My photography and illustration work literally spans the globe. And I am thankful to the military for giving me a worldly and artistic perspective from so many different cultures.

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